Gmail Security Settings

Compromising with security is never acceptable by anyone when it comes to your accounts. Moreover, when the word is Gmail, our best webmail server, then we cannot negotiate. Security has to be checked at every step as well as must be tightened up so that no person can check it in a unauthenticated way. There are various ways, approaches, procedures to uphold, keep up the security in Gmail.

Various security settings techniques to be chosen can be single access, HTTP settings, password through message setting, POP/IMAP setting, revoke to authenticated access to name a few. Once you get in the Gmail world, you will feel safe as there will be no other person to peep in your account without your consideration. On top of all, Gmail Support team is there to assist you in such changes which will be beneficial for you.

Let's just go through the ways by which you can keep the security high in your Gmail account by making few changes

Don't unlock every email:

Opening every mail can harm your emails and your personal information. It may happen that the cover letter looks tempting and you open the mail. Though the mail has been sent by your loved ones or any of your contacts and you click the link which hacks all your details. This can harm your security.

Strong password:

Among the security settings, one of the main settings is password. If you keep the normal alphabet password, then it is easy to hack your account. Keep your password invulnerable which one cannot deem of. Hold these points and then set it:

  • The password should be lengthy.
  • It should be case-sensitive.
  • It must contain numbers, special characters, space etc. Moreover, it must be mixed properly.
  • It should not contain any personal information.
  • Test the strength and the level of the password.

Tracking your account:

One of the best settings is to track your account. Most of the users keep on tracking their account through their gadget in order to keep it safe. You can make these by account settings and just choose the account tracking. In this way, you can keep on checking the activities of your account.

Information about every single hour, minute, and even a second can be taken all through tracking the account. Once you have changed these settings, anyone can sign in your account. So, it is required to maintain it.

Check the Filter, POP/IMAP and Forwarding:

Filter way is there to clear all the unwanted mails in the trash and make your account safe. If you have a filter in your account, no one can harm it moreover everyone can set it from Settings and then click on the Filter. Also, if anything out of your control or from your known is noticed in your account, then from Settings, just go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable it. Save these settings and just relax.

Cancel unauthorised access:

Mostly people getting in other social networking sites gives access to Gmail account. While playing or whenever any site flashes a message of logging in through Gmail and users just sign in their account and give access to their Gmail account. The user never comes to know that they can use your account in anyway. So, it is required to just revoke that access as well as don't sign in from a website in your account.

2- Step notification:

This is the simplest way to combat against theft. 2-step notification is a kind of layer for your account by which you can easily protect it. In this way, once you have a connection through your phone then no one can access your account without your Smartphone. To make this happen, just go to the setup page and follow the simple instructions.

By this, you can have a backup on the phone with your number and backup codes so that the application of Gmail will be directly connected to your phone number. You may find it uneasy in the beginning however once you will do it, it will be comfortable and you will enjoy that your account is safe.

Generally, we become lazy to perform account settings but, once you make some changes in Gmail settings for your account, then you will surely be relaxed that no one can access it without knowing as well as the account will be saved.


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