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How to Change Gmail Password

Passwords are the most important thing when we forget them. Mostly we deal with the issues of Gmail Password Recovery when we forget our password due to any reason. Remembering them is sometimes either difficult or we just find it easy to recall by heart. Nevertheless, we memorize it, however due to some changes; we are unable to bear in mind. In that instance, we choose the password resolving team or different techniques to regain forgot Gmail password. Similarly, Gmail has varied ways to settle the password issues.

Issues of password lost in Gmail can be forgotten a password, hacking of account, how to change Gmail password, the Gmail account has not been accessed for so long, or you might not remember the details filled with a password.

Usually, we don't come to know the ways or the right tactic to get the core of this intricacy. Among them, here are the listed techniques through which the problem of users can be solved. So for that, here are the lines of attacks for you by which user can know their obscurity and can work over it:

Through Gmail account recovery page

At times it happens that we are unable to recall the password, so for that, we always keep our phone number or alternate email id to recover it.

  • To begin with the process of recovering your account, just visit Google page.
  • Move to account and then recovery from it.
  • Then from login page of Gmail, under the login box, an option of "Need help"? will be there to proceed.
  • Select the option of "I don't know my password" and then continue through it.
  • If you remember the last password then enter it or just click on "I don't know" simply.
  • Among the options of Gmail recovery password, select the one you require either to get a message on the phone for an automated call or SMS or to get the information through survey questions.
  • But if you have chosen the message option, then the generated code will come on your number and you can put it up and have the password.

Recover the Gmail password through form

Yet another mode is to fill in all the details of the questionnaire which you put up while creating the Gmail account. Through this way, you can even get your password back provided the details should be apt. Follow these simple steps given below:

  • Initially, enter your email address first over on the given bar. All these details will be checked by Gmail employee so it should be the same.
  • Then enter the date when you last logged in your account or when you started it.
  • The date can be near to it as it has to be checked and confirmed.
  • Also, write your alternate Gmail id or any other for safety purpose.
  • To ensure the details of your account, and then enter the contacts you have in your account profile.
  • At last, by filling up the correct details, the option to create a new password will be there which will take you to your login page.

Signing in after 30 days

Mostly it happens that if you don't sign in till 30 days, the email account gets deleted. Similarly, either you can create a new email account be keeping in a record the all information of account or you can put up the details and get that Gmail account back.

Gmail password issues are mostly faced by people, however, it is the team of our Gmail technical support experts who assists users to get their issued resolved. These are the ways through which the forgot password can be regained. FAQs and videos are also there to know about email recovery easily.

For any other password related issues, you can call us directly at Gmail password recovery phone number 800-674-2913 and your issues will be surely resolved in not more than 24 hours. So, just stay calm and keep on mailing friends and family through Gmail.


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