Methods to Change Gmail Password

There are a number of things which we change in our life on a daily basis and similarly among those changes, one big change required is to change the password. Users these days use the most reliable and dependable webmail which is undoubtedly Gmail. Gmail offers a number of benefits not only at the professional level but even at a personal level. But, in such case, users need to know something which is Gmail account recovery. In order to protect the Gmail properly, a number of things users need to know so that no one can harm it in anyway.

Password protection is quite necessary and for that Gmail password recovery is must even more change Gmail password when it’s been a long time that you have not changed it. For security reasons, it is advisable to change it with time. In order to change gmail password, user needs to follow these steps:

  • Open the Gmail in your browser and sign in into gmail
  • Move to the settings option and click on Accounts and Import
  • Similarly, click on change password and type the new password
  • Confirm the new one and change it

These are simple steps to follow on the web browser. In order to do the same on Android phone, user must follow through these:

  • In your app, open the settings menu
  • Move to the personal section
  • Tap on the Google services in Samsung device
  • Click on Sign-in and Security and then on password
  • Change the password by entering old and new one
  • At last sign in again into your account

Aforementioned ways are to change the password. Sometimes when a user needs to reset gmail password in a case of forgot gmail password or any other such reason, there are few a steps to follow:

  • Open the gmail web browser
  • Enter the email id for which password needs to be changed
  • Click on forgot password and type the last password if remember
  • Next, try with the questions and get a recovery message
  • Either enter the linked email account for recovery
  • Verify the code and enter a new password
  • Click on save password to get the new password

Similarly, in case of forgot gmail password, gmail can enter the details and change accordingly. If there would be any issue, our team is always there to assist in Gmail password recovery. We along with our team is ready to assist users all the time as it is our prior responsibility. For any query related to Gmail account recovery, we will be accessible 24*7. We handle all such difficulties by clearing all your hassles. Our team is well trained to sort the problems of users. Therefore, users must keep on using the gmail and any such hindrance will be solved by our team with full guidance.


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