How to Back up your Gmail Emails

Gmail has always been a useful email platform assisting users to have a safe way of communication. Users can access the applications anytime which are quite beneficial at personal and professional level. Similarly when gmail has become so important, it will definitely catch the attention of the hackers. The hackers may try to steal the information of your account and use it for their use. To protect your account from these issues, gmail backup is the proven source. Backup is a way to store the data in case of any hacking or emergency takes place.

Without consideration, when all the information is kept in gmail, sooner or later our data can be at harm. Losing such important files and documents is not simple thing to take, whereas we need to look at this matter very clearly. In such a way, if users desire our help, we along with our team is always ready to assist and sort the issues. In any problem related to gmail, users can contact our team.

Similarly to back the gmail account, here is the method:

  • First sign in into your gmail account. Then type on browser.
  • Look for the list which user can save as backup. All the data will be displayed which user can access.
  • To refine the list for Gmail backup, user can choose the options from the displayed list of data.
  • Next choose the toggle either to include all gmail for backup or select the labels you want to have backup of.
  • After selecting the options, on the lower left of screen, click on Next button and then the custo1mise archive format will display. In this select the file type whereas the default is always .zip. Secondly, maximum size would be 50GB where user can have the required option. At last, choose the delivery method whether through file on Dropbox, file on Google drive or download email link.
  • As the procedure of archive option finishes, click on Create Archive option.

These are some of the steps for gmail backup which are mentioned above and can help to have the backup. In that way, the desktop client is needed to use such as Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Make sure user setup the desktop for receiving messages through gmail by keeping it set on IMAP protocol. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In Gmail, move to Settings then Forwarding and POP/IMAP. This will turn on the IMAP.
  • Then select the Enable IMAP.
  • As Google believes email apps of desktop to be unsecure, so the settings are done by Google only. User can see My Account screen through
  • Then click on Apps with account access from where Sign-in & security screen will appear. After that choose the option accordingly.

So these are few ways to have gmail backup of your gmail account. If any problem or difficulty comes in, our team is there to assist the user properly. Keep your account safe and protected.


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