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How To Backup Gmail

Backup of every document is necessary whatever the thing it is. Keeping the backup of any personal or professional thing lets you save it for future use. Similarly, in Gmail, the backup option is there known as Gmail backup. Nowadays by sharing every detail through the simple use of Gmail makes us protect all the things from any misuse. As even the Gmail bestows the backup of every email we sent or receive.

Talking to anyone is easy through it and moreover is a convenient mode. One can use it over on the phone or on the laptop or wherever to desire. Most of the times we turn up with the requirement of it when any virus or heavy graphics clean the storage part of the Gmail. Or by any way we just click on delete in the trash and it gets deleted forever.

An effortless way to upload and share the files and folders is the email service of Gmail which is quick as well as a common service. Anyone can access it and receive quickly. Once it is uploaded over it and due to anything or by mistake of it is closed, then nothing to worry as it has automatic save service which directly keep it in drafts as a backup. As to see there are multiple ways to keep the backup that is following.

Saving there is a good option nevertheless, if accidently the data vanishes, then what will you do? Have you saved it anywhere? If you have forgotten to do that and it's not saved and lost, still you do not have to worry as a great option is lying. Users should not worry as an option known as a backup is accessible in Gmail.

This option of backup is to restore the data for future use. Being a Gmail user, it will be an easy choice for you. Getting connected with Gmail customer care team will let you have this preference for storing your confidential. The emails which are sometimes deleted or being clicked by mistake, you can just check them in the spam. Once by seeing in it, if the mails are not there, then another is the trash where you will definitely attain your deleted emails. Gmail has all these options for backup in order to save your essential data.

One choice is that you can save it in another email or there are certain ways to do it which are as follows:

The first way is Mail Settings in Gmail, which involves these steps:

  1. By logging in the Gmail account, go to the "Mail Settings" in the top right corner.
  2. Search and click on the "POP/IMAP and Forwarding" tab and enable POP for all.
  3. From the bottom, click on the "save changes" option.
  4. When the mail client will be configured, then to do a backup, download your email.

Another way is by downloading the Gmail backup through these ways:

  1. Download the Gmail backup software and install it on your system
  2. Go to the directory of the program, open the terminal or command.
  3. Just replace the "dir" with the name of the directory which you require as well as set the password of your email address by yourself which you desire.

To have the backup of Gmail through Windows mail here are some of the steps:

  • Go to the accounts in the tool menu.
  • Click on the add option.
  • By selecting the Email account, click on the Next.
  • In the outgoing messages, by the field of From, enter your name.
  • Put in your full email id in the option.
  • Just enter all the details as in incoming mail server type, outgoing email server name, and the outgoing server authentication should be enabled.
  • Now put in the Gmail account id moreover the password of it.
  • Then select the Next option.
  • From the properties button, make it certain that is selected.
  • Then in the next box of Outgoing mail, enter 465 in the box of Advanced tab.
  • Under incoming mail, check the box which needs to be encrypted the connection.
  • Similarly, just click OK option.

These are some of the best ways by which you can keep the backup of your Gmail account. By selecting any of them as per your conditions will assist in backing the data so as you cannot lose it off. You will surely get benefit from these tips.


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