New Safety Feature Added In Gmail Android App

Gmail customer care number 1-888-306-5155 toll-free
Gmail customer care number 1-888-306-5155 toll-free

If there is an email in your inbox requesting that you open a Google Doc from somebody, don’t open it. Most Google users are at this point mindful of the phishing email trick that occurred Wednesday, which numerous security specialists called ” sophisticated,” different news sources announced. A day after the attack, Google has revealed another shield to its Android Gmail application.

The phishing trick endeavored to hack a user’s Google account after the user clicks a link that has all the earmarks of being from a confined in person. Google could stop the attack after around 1 million (only 0.1 percent) of all Gmail users had seen one of the emails.

Presently with the Gmail application updates, when a fraud link shows up in an email, Google will warn the users, with an alarm: “The site you are attempting to visit has been distinguished as a falsification expected to deceive you into uncovering budgetary, individual or other delicate data.”

The organization suggests that Google users influenced by the attack change their passwords and report the incident.

Updated Gmail Download Now Available For Windows 10 Mail

GmailHelpMicrosoft is presently attempting to bait Gmail users to change from their web customer to the special Mail application that is incorporated into the OS. Among the endeavors they are making to decide individuals to switch are the elements of following package conveyances, organizing messages in a programmed way and overseeing reservations, which will come into utilization soon both for Gmail and Outlook accounts.

Features coming Soon

Maybe one of the components people will acknowledge most is the Focused Inbox one. The Mail application basically puts the messages that look important at the highest priority on the list. This is corresponding to the path in which Gmail takes a shot at the web. The less important messages are sent to the “Other” folder, so you can put off managing them.

For the progressions to work, the organization declared that the application needs to match up a duplicate of all your email, the contacts and the calendars in the cloud. All things considered, it can sort the approaching messages or check conveyance dates and utilize more data on your Google account.

Is Gmail Going to Change Completely?

Gratefully, these aren’t changes that would pivot your Gmail experience, as Microsoft announced. Thusly, you can give it a shot and you can rest guaranteed that Gmail will be the same trustworthy service when you open it again in the browser.

The new features are currently accessible to people who are enlisted in the Windows Insider program, yet sooner it will be available to everyone. Microsoft that the progressions will be accessible to you when you will see a prompt that requests to update the Gmail account settings. However, in the event that you miss it the first time, you will get it again in two or three weeks.

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Delete From Gmail And Save your Privacy

The online service, which charges itself as a boon program that will convey you from all the spam membership messages you do not need anymore, has found to take part in the offering of users information to the most astounding bidder.

Obviously, supporters are hoping to quit the service.

It works by asking for access to your email services, be they through Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s Outlook, or some other third party provider. When it has an entry, it seeks your information to discover any membership style emails and enables you to pick those from which you’d like to unfollow.

In any case, once is in your email, it’s in. Also, it has admittance to a wide range of information that you might not have any desire to give it. So here’s the way you can erase your account in case you’re as of now subscribed.

Delete From Gmail:


After signing into the site in a web browser (it’s a comparative procedure for the iOS application too), open your account settings starting from the drop menu under your username. There should be a choice to delete your account. The site will then approach you to give a reason to clearing out. It’s likely something along the lines of, “I esteem my privacy and you sold this out,” yet in fact, there is no box to click on for that choice.

Click to delete your account once again, and that’ll be the finish of it.

Now if you have signed in via Google, you can ensure the application no longer has access by going here.

At that point, it has returned to the old, manual technique for deleting and unsubscribing from irritating messages. But at least this way would not sell your private data to others.

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Some Unknown Gmail Tools and Features

GmailHelpGmail is one service that has been around for over 10 years now. We concur, it’s as of now great in itself, however, there are still some different components you may discover intriguing, yet you don’t generally think about them. We should observe probably the most energizing elements we can discover on Gmail!

Morning Mail

Morning Mail is the component that permits you to swipe left and right with your emails. In any case, it’s accessible only for iOS gadgets, and it’s additionally appropriate for Inbox Zero. You will see new emails as cards, and in the event that you swipe left, you erase messages. Swipe right, and you’ll archive them.

Ugly Email

This helps you know which messages from your inbox are followed. It’s very simple to utilize: soon after you introduce the extension, it begins recognizing the messages that have a GPS device, stamping them with a little eye symbol.


This extension makes a different folder called SaneLater, which contains all the irrelevant messages to come. Accordingly, you will see the most imperative ones at the highest point of the inbox.


Download the web form of Charlie, sign into the Google account, and after that Charlie will in a split second show one-page data about individuals you will meet soon. You will likewise get individual information about them from the social networks.

Typeless Contacts

This Gmail extension helps you accumulate every one of the contacts you have on a few web services. Presently you can get to them directly in the Gmail inbox, in addition,  share them if you require.


Mixmax is a widely inclusive helpful tool for Gmail. With it, you can snooze messages, plan a layout creation and implant surveys, all relying upon what you require. The best thing about it is that it makes it truly simple to plan a meeting.

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Easy Way to encrypt your Gmail

5Undoubtedly, Gmail is awesome for the individuals who works widely with email and is a generally secured also. However, if you want your email to be read by no one else just you, then it needs to be encrypted.

In today’s article, we have arranged strides to effectively encode your mail just by adding additional add-ons to your browser. This is done in a way that, even who are in fact tested can play out this task effortlessly.

Firefox encrypt Gmail

You have an alternative to encrypt through add-ons on Firefox. So as to do that add the Encrypted Communications expansion to your Firefox browser and after that close and open the browser. Presently go to Gmail, make your email, then right-click to see “Encrypt Communication.” Enter a password and click ‘OK’. Your message is then encrypted and prepared to be sent. Be that as it may, the recipient, whom you are sending additionally needs to include this add-on on their browser.

Safe Gmail

In the event that you are a Chrome user, then you can attempt SafeGmail. As a matter of first importance, you have to add the SafeGmail add-on to Chrome and restart the browser. Presently go to Gmail. Much the same as Firefox, the recipient likewise should have an extension to decode the mail. In the event that you don’t need that, you can make it like question answer.

Click on the checkmark by “Encrypt” and the question/answer box will open. After filling it click the “Encrypt + Send” button When the recipient gets the mail, he will get a link that takes them to a page showing the question and asking for the answer. At the point when answered accurately, another SafeGmail page opens to decode the message.

In case, if you don’t need an extension you can opt for services, like, Enlocked which utilize Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). It comes as a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Outlook. It is accessible as an application on a mobile including iPhone and Android.

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Google Introduced Gboard Keyboard’s GIF Support to Gmail for Android

Gmail KeyboardIn the wake of adding Gboard combination to Google Search application on iOS as of late, the search monster has now introduced Gboard keyboard’s GIF support with Gmail for Android. While users could utilize the Gboard  keyboard via the mail application already too, the choice to include animated GIFs was not accessible on Android. Presently users can select to make their mails as lively as they wish by adding animated GIFs to their messages.

The most recent update for Gmail for Android (v.7.3.13) is as of now accessible for download on Google Play, however, it is taking off progressively so will set aside some opportunity to achieve all locales. The APK document is accessible for sideloading by APK Mirror.

Keeping in mind the end goal to add GIFs to messages, users basically need to make a beeline for the emoji segment on the Gboard keyboard while inside Gmail and creating another message. They can either pick a GIF from the suggestions gave by the keyboard or additionally scan for their preferred vivified pictures with the keyboard.

Notably, users will still need to introduce Google’s Gboard application on their cell phones to add GIFs to their mail from the mail customer. Aside from the GIF support, users in the US will have the capacity to send and ask for cash in a split second by basically tapping the attachment symbol when making an email, the organization says in the update sign on Google Play.

The most recent addition to the application guarantees that users can send over their most loved GIFs from mails as well as, among different stages. It would be ideal if you let us know in the remarks down beneath if you plan to utilize this new feature or think this is only a contrivance.

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Now stream video attachments in Gmail

gmailGoogle’s rolling out a little yet supportive improvement to desktop Gmail today that’ll be helpful for any individual who sends or gets video attachments: starting now and also in future, you’ll have the capacity to stream them on the page, instead of downloading the file first.

Video attachments could be downloaded also like before, yet clicking on a document will now pull up a YouTube-style video player that’ll give you a chance to play the back, modify quality and sound levels, and even stream it to a Chromecast gadget. (However, in my snappy trial of this feature, I got an error message when attempting to play a video — still, there are a few things to work out.)

Google says the feature is taking out to everybody except may take up to 15 days before a few users see it.

The feature could be especially useful when sending small videos recorded on your phone, as it’ll save receivers a stage or two preceding watching them. In any case, the component is as yet constrained by the way that Gmail attachments can’t more than 50MB (and just 25MB when sending), which means you’re helpless while you need to send something longer or in an especially high determination.

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Is Google Inbox better than Gmail?

Google is developing and rising up and above all in the world of internet. Multiple features, traits, pleasing as well as useful apps, items are there which keep users intact all the time with it. Even now, at this point, Google is offering something on the greater platform than Gmail. Users using Gmail may find it difficult to see that what else can go better than it? However, here are some of the points which just keep on adding new benefits plus provide comfort in the usage. Customers can know about it through Gmail support as well.

Beginning with it, here are some of the snippets which will unravel all the questions of the users that how Google Inbox is better than Gmail:

Google Inbox

  • Bundle the email:

    User may find it strange that how to make a bundle of emails? How it can be possible? Nevertheless, in Google’s inbox, users can simply just make a bundle of emails. In clear words, customers can merely collect all the same mails at one place. Similar kinds of messages will be collected in one folder in order to sort the things.Bundle of emails

  • Save what user find essential:

    At times while going for meetings, some special function or anything occurs and we miss out reading something interesting we found. Also, we are unable to pay attention to the appealing thing over in the link. Therefore, here is an option for users to just save it for later purpose. Use the inbox app in the Smartphone and save it on Google extension. Any such article can be saved to be read afterwards.

  • Remind with reminder:

Don’t worry about forgetting about a meeting or event. Simply tap on the inbox app and put a reminder. Later on in future, it will give the reminders of the things directly from the app. So, there will be no missing of important dates or meetings. If still any complication is faced, contact Gmail customer care service.Reminder in Google Inbox

  • Newsletters on the go:

    Is that user is bothered of missing something fundamental? Don’t think as the inbox app is there. All the newsletters will be highlighted to instantly read the ones which are really imperative. Losing them will not be a point again as this service or app will be truly beneficial for all the users. 

  • Quick and smart answer:

    Why are users worried when this app is ready to perform everything? To reply or put a reminder, this app will merely do it. No matter what information is there, it will be notified to user before time. Plus all the helpful information will be shown before any delay. In fact this is a secured and a safe way to reply instantly through the app to others.

We don’t believe that something is left to be thought of. If anything is considerable important than this, ask for Gmail Help and we are right there for the customers. Keep this Google app and try to see a big change in your life which was missing earlier.