Common Gmail Issues and Fixing Ways

Gmail is the service offering multifarious benefits to the users. Gmail platform is a way for professional as well as personal dealing. Proper working of gmail gives a relaxed feeling however, if it halts somewhere, then the whole system of work gets a break. So in order to fix it, numbers of ways are there which user can look for to protect their gmails. Various techniques are available through which the Gmail account issues can be resolved quickly. Google will assist in handling all such issues at great level.

Forgot Gmail Password

No doubt users find difficulty when the gmail stops working however over on that, the main reason of tension becomes the loss of a password. But, Google has provided options to recover the password through the easy steps. There are ways to settle down this problem. Firstly, attached alternative Google accounts need to be set up properly. Then after, login to the account and move to My account option. Click on “Signing in to Google” under the Sign-in & Security to proceed further. Therefore, there will be an option of “Account recovery” on the down side of the page. Make sure the options like Recovery Phone, Recovery Email and Security Question are filled completely.

If a user has forgotten to select the above mentioned options, then you require choosing another way. Click on “Try another way” and reach to the point where questions regarding your account are asked. Answer them well to get the account back.

2-Step Verification

To protect the account from any authorised access, it is quite necessary to take relevant steps. Taking it for granted can let you harm your account. In such a way, the 2-step verification is there to help in releasing the Gmail account issues. It is a layer of security added to your account without letting anyone to sneak-peak into your account unnecessarily. While logging into gmail account, user will get a message followed by a code. That code would be accessible to open your account.

It can even be possible to have a Google Authenticator app. Install the application in your phone where after you will be asked for verification. Even more, the other method is QR code to make it more convenient. Enter the received code in “Verify” box and link your account through the phone. This would make the user use the Authenticator app.

If this does not work even, then it is better for users to have backup codes to have the authentication code.

Lost Email Messages

Missing email messages in Gmail can be a reason that user may have archived it or have deleted. The user can either check it in the trash folder as most of the emails are found in it. There will even be option of “All Mail”, click on it and archived as well as other mails will be seen. Another option is to search it through search box. If the email has gone into archive, click on it and save it in inbox.

Check Google Status Dashboard

Sometimes when gmail stops, it doesn’t happen with you as it has happened with everyone. The service may have stopped or may be down. Therefore, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the webpage of the Google Status Dashboard
  • Then in that look for the status of Gmail where Gmail Current Status will indicate the issues.

If the displayed button is green, it shows no error however orange shows the disruption. The red button will show the outage of service.

In such cases, Gmail account issues are well handled by our team who will guide for every possible issue. So keep on using gmail and let our team know the difficulties.


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